Access control

As an additional service synchronized with the document management platform, Sicondoc offers diverse access control solutions.

Our smart access control solutions synchronize any construction, installation or other works with the document management platform, giving you instant information about whether a certain worker/vehicle can enter, depending on the documentation status.

SICONMOBILE is an app for access control on mobile devices (both smartphones and tablets), which allows control to be carried out in different ways, such as by means of a QR code, with a facial recognition system and other types of identification. We also offer other access control services adapted to the needs of each of our clients, such as from lathes or by means of identification cards.


Update the status of the documentation of your workers.

Information is visible and uptaded daily.

Restricts arrivals and departures depending on the documentation provided.

Diverse reader systems to access to the workplace.

Real-time incident detection.

Reports can be exported at anytime.

Siconmobile is synchronized with Sicondoc, so that it is possible to know in real time whether a worker, equipment or vehicle is or is not suitable for access to the facilities depending on the status of the required documentation in terms of Laboral Risk Prevention. It allows companies to have a daily control of the staff and the equipment, in order to comply with the current regulations.

More agility, more comfort, more efficiency in management and more health and safety. You can find this app both in Google Play and in the App Store.

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