Sicontime is cloud-based software that helps you monitor time and presence control processes, helping you in complying with mandatory regulations regarding with the new labour law that must keep a daily record of the working hours of their employees.

How it works



SICONTIME is integrated as a further functionality of the SICONDOC platform


Clocking in

Schedule control for all employees via the app, available for both cell phones and tablets

Solution for permanent facilities

Sicontime  is an application for tablets, that allow the record of working hours at permanent work sites

Solución Itinerancia

Sicontime 360 es una aplicación para móvil que permite el control horario y geolocalización de trabajadores itinerantes


App for employees

Download the Siconmotime and/or Sicontime 360 app for free at the Play Store (also available at the Apple Store soon).

Every employee in the company will have his/her own access card with a QR code to identify them in the app.

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