Sicondoc offers an online platform that enables you to manage documentation and monitor contractors, thus facilitating the process of Contract Documentation Managment .

Over this platform, suppliers can provide the required documents, and companies can request and monitor the documentation needed, thus streamlining their relationships.

For suppliers

  • Provide all the documents about companies, employees, machinery and vehicles in a simple way.
  • Comply with customer requirements.
  • Centralize company information in a single place, creating a digitized repository of documents.
  • Send documentation, even to customers that do not have Sicondoc.
  • Get immediate access to all the information.

For buyers

  • Quick online access to the information and documentation of your suppliers.
  • Ensure compliance with rules and regulations in force.
  • Generate preset control and management reports.
  • Greater control over suppliers across different projects and sites.

The documentation provided will be validated by a qualified professionals team with extensive experience and training in health and safety. They will review and check the documents based on the acceptance criteria defined by the customers.

We manage documentation related to companies, employees, vehicles and/or machinery, as well as other documents that require special monitoring.

We currently validate more than 1,000,000 documents per year for our customers, making a commitment to validate them within 48 hours after they are submitted.

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